Mach1 FIA5 A03 Chassis non gearbox.

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The Mach1 FIA5 chassis scores by his outstanding performance on all kinds of situations. Thanks to the optimized chassis construction it is easy to set up on different grip levels and weather conditions as well as shows the driver a even better feedback on setup changes. Suits perfectly for all junior and senior categories, like Rotax, X30, OK, OK-Junior, KZ/2 and others.

The kart has unique features, like e.g. Sniper Adjuster for caster/camber setup, innovative HRP Vario steering rod with eccentric pills. Front and rear ride height can be changed in three positions. With the help of different front torsion bars, the steering behavior can be set up individual and on the edge.

The new self-adjusting brake system advanced brake balance and brake power in comparison to it’s predecessor significantly. Made from hightec aluminum within one piece, the brake system is build simple as well as strong. This leads into exceptional serviceability of the brake system.

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